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Full Metal Alchemist


Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost. That is alchemy's first law of Equivalent Exchange. In those days, we really believed that to be the world's one, and only, truth.
- Alphonse Elric, Fullmetal Alchemist intro.

While still young boys, Alphonse and Edward Elric found themselves suddenly alone when their mother died of an illness (their father, Hoenheim, having left the family when Alphonse was a baby, and Edward a young child). As the two brothers stood at their mother's grave, Ed resolved to use their talent for alchemy to revive her. They train vigorously (with an experienced alchemist) for three years, all the while keeping their goal secret, until they consider themselves skillful enough. Human transmutation (resurrecting a human via alchemy) is forbidden, and as such little information is known about it. Despite this the brothers, after their three years of training, go ahead and perform the human transmutation, using the chemical components of a human body, and drops of their own blood ("information about the soul" Ed claims) in exchange for their mother's revival.

Unfortunately, their blood is not sufficient to trade for their mother's life, and the transmutation goes catastrophically wrong. Ed's left leg (from below the knee) is taken in trade, and the Gate opens up, sucking Alphonse in. It is not clear whether Alphonse is taken as part of the Equivalent Exchange, or simply by accident. In the wake of the disaster Ed quickly tries to think of a way to restore his brother, before it is too late.

Ed succesfully re-opens the gate and retrieves Al's soul, which he then binds to a nearby suit of armour of their father's, although he has to sacrifice his right arm in exchange for his brother's soul. Al's body remains in the gate (which is presumably why it is returned to him at the same age at the end of the series) Ed saw through the gate when he looked through it (Al was dragged in backwards, and as a result, never saw through it) he saw fragments of our earth's history. This allowed him from then on to perform alchemy without a circle of transmutation, simply forming a circle with his arms (by clapping his hands together), although he does not realise this for some time. Alphonse, now a sentient suit of armour (with strength significantly superior to normal humans) asks the wounded Ed what the result of the transmutation was. Ed simply answers "It wasn't human", pointing to a gruesome creature across the room. Al promptly takes his brother to their neighbour's (Aunt Pinako's) house for medical attention.

Meanwhile, unknown to all, Dante lures the mutated product of Ed and Al's human transmutation out of the house and takes it away (later feeding it Red Stones to take on its human form and names it Sloth.)

Roy Mustang, who was present for an unknown reason (perhaps responding to a letter, as Ed and Al wrote to many people who met or were interested in their father, although subsequently Roy never mentions having any knowledge of Hoenheim) witnesses the light of the human transmutation circle from outside, and recognises it. They promptly treat Ed, who manages to explain what happened. The next day Roy appears and explains that he saw the light of the transmutation, although not openly stating that it was that of human transmutation (although it is obvious to all that he knows that.)

He is impressed that Ed survived the failed transmutation, as it usually results in death, and suggests he become a State Alchemist (like himself.) Ed decides to do just that, and offers Pinako and Winry the money his father left behind (presumably it was a rather large sum, as it has sutained their family for approximately ten years, and is still substantial) to build Auto-Mail limbs for him. Whether they accept payment or not is unknown, but they definitely make the limbs. Ed and Al burn their house down and set out on a journey to restore their bodies to their original states.

Ed is filled with overwhelming guilt over the transmutation, as it was mainly his idea (the more cautious Al being fairly opposed to it) and as a result Alphonse has lost his body. For this reason Ed is determined to fix Alphonse, regardless of the cost to himself (ironically Alphonse is willing to make similar sacrifices for Ed, often resulting in arguments over who will sacrifice for who).

Ed and Al set out for Central City to become State Alchemists, although they perfected their skills unter the guidance of their teacher before they had to overcome some strange obstacles on the way. Due to Colonel Mustang's manipulation they eventually end up on a train bound for Central City on which a hostage situation is about to occur. The brothers team up with Major Hughes (who was positioned on the train to protect the General who was taken hostage) and thwart the terrorists. Thanks to this they are allowed to take the Alchemy exam despite their young age. They didn't realise that this would have been a problem- assuming that after Roy's suggestion they would have been able to take the test anyway. Ed is displeased when he realises that Mustang manipulated them into the situation (albeit for their own benefit.)

Once in Central City the brothers stay with the Sewing Life Alchemist, Shou Tucker, and his daughter Nina. Tucker is famous for creating the only Chimera that could talk (although it died shortly after its creation) and both Ed and Al are amazed by this. However, many things about Tucker's life are shaded in mystery; his wife disappeared around the same time he became a State Alchemist, and he is unwilling to share details of his Chimera.

During their time studying, Ed and Al are invited to Major Hughes' house for a birthday party of Ed (Hughes did some research to discover the date) and coincidentally Hughes' wife Glacier gives birth to their daughter, Elicia. Ed also inadvertently discovers his abillity to perform Alchemy without a transmutation circle. Due to this even the brothers forge a strong friendship with Hughes, and also gain a profound respect for mothers (as they put it, they can do something alchemists can't: Create Life.)

After months of studying the brothers start the Alchemy exams, although it seems unlikely that both will be able to become State Alchemists (as on average only one or two a year succeed in this.) Colonel Mustang eventually tells Al to drop out because it would be difficult to hide the fact that he is only a suit of armour if he were a State Alchemist. Ed views this as blackmail, adding to his dislike of Mustang. However, Al agrees. Ed succeeds and become a State Alchemist by using his abillity to perform alchemy without a transmutation circle.

Meanwhile Shou Tucker's re-evaluation exam is on the horizon- a test to see if a State Alchemist can remain a State Alchemist, essentially a repeat of the entrance alchemy exams. Tucker fears failing his exam, because it will mean giving up the luxurious lifestyle he and Nina are accustomed to, but he has reservations about making another chimera like his first one. Brigadier General Basque Gran forces Ed and Al to leave Tucker's house, as his alchemy is a special state-secret that should not be leaked to them.

Although Ed gradually becomes suspicious of Tucker, her does not realise the truth in time, as Tucker shows them his new talking Chimera, Ed sees it is really his daughter Nina and dog Alexander combined. Due to his odd behaviour now and later, it would seem Tucker is a sociopath. Ed is furious, and beats Tucker. He tries to restore Nina, but Tucker points out that human transmutation is highly dangerous, and Ed might fail and have to pay with another limb, like last time. Basque Gran arrests Tucker (although it is obvious he had prior knowledge of Tucker's illegal experiments, and let them go on anyway) and confiscates Nina, although she escapes. Scar later discovers her and, considering her an abomination, obliterates her.

Basque Gran claims that Tucker is executed, but in reallity he has falsified records and really stationed Tucker inside the Fifth Laboratory to continue his research.

The event has a strong effect on Ed and Al, who are chilled and disturbed by the dark side of alchemy.

After this Ed is given his title as a State Alchemist: The Fullmetal Alchemist.

After this the brothers continue to search for information on the Philosopher's Stone, which would allow them to ignore Equivelant Exchange, and repair their bodies for "free" (Ed under orders from Mustang to find information on it for the military), although Ed is sometimes given other missions by the military. When Ed helps the people of a poor mining town to overcome a cruel military intendent (who Ed should technically be helping) he becomes known as a fighter for the people, despite the fact he works for the military.

They soon learn, however, that there are many others who seek the Philosopher's Stone for sinister reasons, and the brothers quickly find themselves caught up in many horrible events that are linked to a dark and disturbing conspiracy.


Referred as a most inhumane form of Alchemy by some, a chimera is the result of fusing two or more different creatures into a single entity. One of Basque Grand's dark projects involve creating "beast-man" chimeras for militant reasons, with help from Shou Tucker (who grew to despise this work, especially when it affected his personal life and drove him mad) and other Alchemists (some of whom regret it). The Elrics encountered both types of Chimera, though only the 'Beast-Men' types are listed. The brothers encountered the first three listed below when they were human.

Shou Tucker

The Life Giving Alchemist. He was a man who became famous due to his experiment that produced a chimera that could speak just as a human could, though the creature starved itself to death after it was publicly shown. He played host for the Elric brothers while they studied for the State Alchemist exams until Ed found out Shou used his wife to create the chimera.

In the anime, to keep his position as a State Alchemist and forced by Basque, Shou used Nina and the family dog in the creation of a new talking chimera, costing Shou his own daughter and his sanity. When the Elric brothers arrived too late to stop him, Shou only explained to an enraged Ed that he would have lost Nina either way and has no one to comfort him, and that those with power can't help but use it.

He was seemingly sentenced to death by Basque, to cover up the truth of Shou's talking chimeras and the general's involvement. But in reality, Shou was sent to the 5th Lab to continue his research in the Military's 'super-soldier' project on human subjects. In return, Basque allowed Tucker to revive Nina on his spare time. But it always ended in failure, with one attempt turning the man into an extremely deformed beast-man chimera, thus Tucker suffered the fate he gave his own wife and his daughter. But after his failed attempts, he joined up with the Homunculi with the promise to create a homunculus in the form of his daughter, with his memories of her to serve as basis for her. He joined with Greed's group as part of his agreement with Lust, only to betray Greed later for the offer of being re-enlisted in the military under Frank Archer on the condition that he can work on whatever he wants without question. Using that newfound privilege, Tucker used his research to create lifeless dolls in Nina's image. Learning that Al is host of the Philosopher's Stone, he deceived the boy, by offering to teach him how to master the Stone, in using the stone's power to transfer Nina from her chimera body into her new human body. It didn't work as Tucker intended and only made him even more insane.

In the manga, Tucker was killed by Scar, along with the Nina-chimera, shortly after the truth about his experiments was discovered by the Elrics. Tucker is perfectly sane in the manga, however, he is unscrupulous. He was not forced by Basque to conduct his experiments, but rather performed them of his own accord. Of the men killed by Scar, he may have been the most deserving, placing his career over the lives of his wife and daughter.

Nina Tucker

Shou Tucker's only daughter, Nina was two years old when her mother "went away" (unaware of what really happened to her). Two years later, when the Elric brothers were living with the Tuckers, Nina was like the little sister Ed never had. She loved to play outside with the family dog, Alexander. Unfortunately, when her father's State Alchemist certification was coming up, Basque forced Tucker to do something he hoped to never do again: create another talking chimera by fusing Nina and Alexander. Despite Ed's intent to restore Nina, Shou explained the fusion was perfect, so separation could harm or even kill the girl and her dog. Confused and scared when Basque had her and her father taken to the 5th Laboratory, 'Nina-chimera' ran and encountered Scar who killed her out of mercy (destroying her from inside out). Her remains were gathered and taken to the 5th Laboratory where her now 'chimera' father attempted to revive her in his spare time. It always ended in failure though as he could not recreate Nina's soul. After being re-enlisted as a State Alchemist on his conditions, Shou went to no end to create a new Nina. This was accomplished by tricking Al to use the Philosopher's Stone to transfer Nina from her chimera body into a "lifeless doll" that was made in her image. The transfer was a success but all it accomplished was placing Nina in a comatose state. Even with the stone's power, Tucker's will and alchemical skills were not strong enough to bind his daughter's soul to her new body.

Lute D. Saxophon

The Villain of "Sonata of Memories", he was a student under Cravis. He was the one behind the game's events and transmuted his love Lila into a Chimera to save her life as he lacked the skills of healing alchemy. Since then, Lute vowed to make the Military pay for Lila's sake. It turned out he was son of Dalt Dalimer and intended to use the Philosopher's Stone (created from the transmutation of the military's souls) to merge Lila's soul into him. Something went horribly wrong and Lute became a mindless chimera. Lute was killed, but died knowing Lila's feelings for him.

Lila Amore

Exclusive to "Sonata of Memories" game, she was Viola's little sister and Lute's love interest. She was mortally injured the day Fagott, under military order, transmuted the girl's parents into chimeras. Lute took her to the hospital, but her wounds were too severe. Lute did the only thing he could do: transmute his love into a talking Chimera in order to save her life. Her inhuman form was unintended and he distanced himself from her as a result. Lila was by Fagott's side until they were killed by Lute, who convinced himself the chimera he created was not Lila. Though it was Lute that made her a chimera and killed her, she bore no ill will towards him and loved him. She had her sister Viola tell Lute for her before she died.


One of the Chimeras that joined Greed to get revenge on the military for what they had done to her. She, Dolcetto, and Roa were of the Amestris Special Forces, whose defiling of an Ishbal temple and killing everyone in it was the real cause for the war. After that, she and her group were transferred to the 5th Laboratory, where they became test subjects in Shou Tucker's Chimera research. Martel was fused with a snake, giving her enhanced agility and able to stretch her arms to long distances. She escaped the military after Greed's death, only to reappear in Lior. It was there Martel met her end at the hands of Pride, when she found out his secret during their fight and he silenced her in a gruesome matter. But Martel lived just long enough to reveal the truth to the Elrics in her final breath.

In the manga version, Martel was never part of a Special Forces unit, and was transported to the 5th Laboratory because of her wounds. She is killed in the sewers by the Fuhrer shortly after he had pinned Greed to the wall of the sewers with his swords.


A loyal Chimera that swore loyalty to Greed. Much like Nina, he was fused with a dog but retained his human appearance. Because he is part dog, he can use his newfound speed with his great swordsmanship. He was killed by the Homocunli when he fought them to give Greed safe passage to Dante. A common translation is Dorochet.


A chimera that follows Greed. He was fused with a bull, making him as strong as one. He wields a hammer as his weapon and has an ability to transform into a steroid enhanced version of himself with more bull-like aspects like horns. He was killed by the Homocunli when he fought them to give Greed safe passage to Dante. A common translation is Law.


A chimera that followed Greed under Zolf Kimblee's command. He was fused with a lizard.

Main Characters

Edward Elric

Ed, in the episode "Al, Kidnapped".
Ed, in the episode "Al, Kidnapped".

Known as the Fullmetal Alchemist, Ed is the youngest State Alchemist ever. His "second name", given to him upon passing the State Alchemist certification, refers to his automail, the artificial arm and leg that replaced the limbs Ed lost during the Elric brothers' attempts to revive his mother (his leg) and transfer Al's soul into a suit of armor (his arm). Ed is the older brother, but somewhat lacking in height. He is a very powerful alchemist, even more so than he realizes. He can use alchemy without the use of a transmutation circle, unlike most alchemists, by clapping his hands together because of his failed attempt to revive his mother. Ed first discovered this ability when he needed to turn ice cold water into hot water to place a warm towel on a Pregnant Gracia Hughes to help comfort her when she was going into labor. Throughout his adventure, he saw the dark aspects of human nature and tried to act tough as a defense to it. Also, when fighting the Homunculi, Ed was able to use a almost complete philosiphers stone to change "God-Like" which is the power the philosiphers stone gives a person when it is properly used. He is killed by Envy, only to be revived by Al at the cost of his life. He then decides to revive Al using himself as a sacrifice, while ensuring that no one can use the Philosopher's Stone again. Al was brought back to Amestris in his original body, but Edward was unintentionally taken to the 'other side' of the gate, which is supposed to be our world. Ed lives in post WWI Germany with his father, now traveling to Romania to find a means to go back to Amestris with hopes to see Al and the rest of his friends again someday. But as Edward tries to fit in his new reality, he tries not to interact as best as he could while dealing with the Thule Society and Envy. After stopping the Thule, Edward was finally reunited with Al in the Other World. Accepting his new reality, he and Al travel once again.

Alphonse Elric

Al, in "Holy Mother".
Al, in "Holy Mother".
Al, in the final episode.
Al, in the final episode.

Alphonse is the younger brother, but is often confused to be older than Ed because he is trapped in a suit of armor twice as large as he is. As a result of Al's suit of armor, most people who meet Alphonse automatically assume that he is the Fullmetal Alchemist. When Ed and Al tried to revive their mother, Al's body was taken to the 'other side' and Ed had to save him by giving up his arm to bind his brother's soul to a nearby suit of armor. Because of this, Al is unable to feel, smell, or taste anything anymore (he actually doesn't even eat), but he can apparently see and hear. He's an alchemist as well, but not nearly as powerful as his brother is. Al's personality usually acts as a foil for Ed's. But during his fight with Barry, Al was troubled by the fact that he could be a fabrication and may not have truly existed, as he was unable to remember most things from when he was human and Edward was not telling him something. As a result, Al left to find the truth for himself. But by helping Scar deal with mercanies and Barry, Al came to terms with this fear of being false and rejoined his brother in their searching.

Later, Scar transferred all of his incomplete Philosopher's Stone into Al to save his life. As a result, Al became the host of the Philosopher's Stone, as well as a target for Dante, her Homunculi, and Shou Tucker. In the end, Al used the stone's power to resurrect Ed after Envy killed him. But it destroyed him in the process. Ed, in turn, resurrected Al by using himself in a transmutation. Al came back in his original 10 year-old body with no memory of his adventures since that night they tried to revive their mother. He was last seen under Izumi's teaching once again, and wants to study alchemy so that he may see Ed again someday. He arrrive to Central, when the Thule Society attacked. Transmuating a part of his soul into the suits of armors. In the end, Al transmutated himself completely to the Other World, with his memory restored as he and Ed wander the world they call their new home.

In the Manga, Al develops the ability to perform alchemy without a transmutation circle, the same as Ed can. When King Bradley impaled Martel while she was inside Al's armored body, her blood spilled onto his blood seal. This gave him a near-death experience, recalling to his mind his experience at the Gate of Alchemy. He realized that he could transmute without a transmutation circle shortly thereafter. It is also believed that his body is lying somewhere, as in the example of Barry the Chopper.

Winry Rockbell

Winry, in the final episode.
Winry, in the final episode.

Ed and Al's childhood friend. She's a self-professed "gearhead" who helped her grandmother Pinako build Ed's "automail", machine limbs. She occasionally travels with the Elric Brothers to maintain Ed's artificial leg and arm. Her parents were doctors who were killed during the Ishbal War by Roy Mustang under Basque Grand's orders; they treated the enemy as well as Amestris soldiers. She helped out when the Thules attacked. But in the end, she begins doing her own Automail research, no longer worrying about the Elrics like she usually does as she's sure they're all right.

(In the manga version, Scar was the man that killed Winry's parents, not Mustang.)

Rosé Thomas

Rosé is from the city of Lior in a remote region of the East. She was one of devout followers of Cornello's teachings because she felt that he would use his powers to bring her boyfriend, Kain, back to life. However, she is shocked when all Cornello is able to produce is a talking parrot chimera, which was going to eat her before Al intervened. With her hope shattered, Rosé was forced to start over and persevere through hard times when the military invaded Lior. Imprisoned by the military, Rosé was raped repeatedly until she lost her voice. She endured this abuse for about a year and when she finally escaped, she was pregnant. Thanks to Scar, she became the symbol of hope for the people of Lior and with help from Edward, got her voice back. She became targeted as Dante's next vessel with the new Philosopher's Stone. Early material had written her name with no French accute accent, but the BONES staffer who helped develop the Roman character spellings of the major characters has stated it should have. (Many fonts in Japan that were developed before Unicode was widely adopted do not include Roman accented characters.)


Scar, in "Holy Mother".
Scar, in "Holy Mother".

One of the surviving Ishbalans, a people who reject alchemy as an offense to the natural gifts their god gave them. His real name is unknown, so he's called Scar due to the X-Shaped scar on his forehead (thanks to Kimblee). At the time of his introducution in the anime, Scar was in Central attempting to learn the nature of the strange markings on his right arm (actually his brother's arm), and first met Edward while attempting to gain access to the State Library. He was on a crusade of sorts to assassinate all of the State Alchemists for the cruelty against his people. The fact he killed Nina to end her "pain" as a chimera made him Ed's mortal enemy. Scar's relationship with the Elric brothers seemed to change upon each meeting depending on the circumstances until he eventually learned the Homunculi were the ones responsible for the War that took the lives his people. His right arm is tattooed with a strange transmutation circle that allows him to destroy objects at will, by performing only the first two steps of a transmutation (Understanding and Decomposing). He received the arm from his older brother to replace the one taken from him by Kimblee. In truth the arm is actually an incomplete Philosopher's Stone itself, created from the transmutation of countless Ishbalans who died in the war; it gives Scar pain every time it absorbs another incomplete Philosopher's Stone (soul). Scar later transferred it into Al to save him from Kimblee's alchemy. He suffered injuries from bullet wounds incurred from shielding Lust, and sacrificed himself in order to peform the giant transmutation circle in the city of Lior that caused Al to become the Philosopher's Stone.

In the Manga, he shares many attributes with the anime version, except that he was one who killed Winry's parents without regret. He was portralyed as more relentless and ruthless in his vengeance while anime had him as a good man who was consumed by revenge for his people and hatred for those involved. In the recent chapter, Scar was almost caught by the military but Mei Chan, a girl from the country of Xing, saved him and he has gone into hiding.

Izumi Curtis

She is the powerful alchemist who took the eager Elric brothers on as students shortly after their mother's passing. The red tattoo on her chest is the same insignia (known as a flamel) that appears Edward's coat and the left shoulder of Alphonse's armor. She is an extremely strong woman, both emotionally and physically: along with her talent for alchemy, Izumi is also an accomplished martial artist. The Elric brothers are taught with her own unique form of sparring combined with philosophy to gain a fuller understanding of alchemy. She is married to Sieg Curtis, a husky and well-built butcher of few words. Like many others in the series, she despises the military and particularly State Alchemists, so when she encounters Edward "Fullmetal Alchemist" Elric again, she scolds (beats) him for his becoming a dog of the military. Like Edward, Izumi is capable of alchemy without a transmutation circle. Izumi gained this attribute from viewing the inside of the mysterious "Gate" while attempting to revive her newborn son with alchemy. This attempt not only created the Homunculus Wrath, but cost Izumi her reproductive system. The latter causes her to cough up blood at inopportune moments. She passes away between the series' end and Conqueror of Shamballa, only making a cameo as a spirit to recieve Wrath when he sacrifices himself to reopen the Gate.


Dante, in "Dante of the Deep Forest".
Dante, in "Dante of the Deep Forest".
Dante in Lyra's body, in "Beyond the Gate".
Dante in Lyra's body, in "Beyond the Gate".

She is the one who originally instructed Izumi Curtis in alchemy. Dante was one of Honhenheim's lovers. She had cheated death for centuries by transferring her soul into another body by using the Philosopher's Stone. However, the transfer was imperfect, as Dante lost a bit of her own soul with each transfer and her bodies slowly decayed after a while. She can perform alchemy without a transmutation circle, an ability most likely gained after she created the Homunculi Greed and Pride. She is the leader of all the Homunculi and used them to spark wars, so new Philosopher's Stones could be made. She was planning on transferring her soul into Rose's body and possibly taking Ed as her new lover. Dante was last seen fighting off a crazed Gluttony while making her escape, though she is apparently dead. The name Dante is suggested to have come from Dante Alighieri.

Hohenheim of Light

Hohenheim, in "The Stray Dog Ran Away".
Hohenheim, in "The Stray Dog Ran Away".

The father of Edward and Alphonse Elric. He could perform alchemy without a transmutation circle and was a legend of his time, but Ed has a grudge against him for leaving his mother. By the time he resurfaced to face Dante, he was over 400 years old. At some point in the past, Dante and Hohenheim had a relationship, which resulted in one child. This child died due to mercury poisoning, but was resurrected as a Homunculus: Envy. However, Hohenheim did not love Dante and eventually left her, as he stated that Trisha Elric was the only woman he had ever loved. He created a Philosopher's Stone and, like Dante, used it to transfer his soul into a new body to live indefinitely. But like Dante, Hohenhiem's vessels tend to decay as a side effect; it was the true reason why he left his family in the first place. Upon failing to stop her, Hohenheim's entire being was transported by Dante to the 'other side' of the gate, and ended up in London during WWI. He later saw Edward off on the boy's trip to Romania. But it turned out Hoheniem unknowingly helped the Thules, and as a act of redemption for this and his part in the chaos Dante caused, committed suicide by allowing Envy to eat him. He was named after Paracelsus, a famous historical alchemist.

In the manga, he is introduced as 'Van Hohenheim' when he returns to Liesenburgh for a short while. Before leaving, he warned Pinako Rockbell to leave the country as something terrible was going to happen in Risenbool. He also bears a strong resemblance to the Homunculi's 'Father', who orders them around.

Alphonse Heiderich

A boy who bears a resemblance to Alphonse Elric and befriends Ed in the movie. He's studying under the father of modern rocketry. He wants to prove the scientific worth of his fellow Germans by achieving a rocket that can actually be ridden. However, Alphonse feels a bit annoyed when Ed treats him like his little brother. It would turn out that he was working for the Thule, who killed him once he outlived his usefulness


A gypsy girl whom Ed befriends in the Conqueror of Shamballa movie after saving her from an attack by the Thule Society. She "extricates" various memories from Ed that give her knowledge of alchemy and his world. She later joins the Thule Society for the sake of escaping the persecution of her people by fleeing to Shamballa. She is capable of performing transmutations on herself. At the end of the movie, she joins up with the Elric brothers and journeys with them.


Another inhumane form of Alchemy by some, a Golem is the result of fusing a organic being with with a inorganic materals creating a soil-skinned creature. Only few Alchemists are known could pull off such transmuation. Only two such beings are listed so far.

Jack Crowley

The Main villian of "Curse of the Crimson Elixir". A former State Alchemist, Jack used to be known as the Silver Bullet Alchemist. A highly intelligent man, he dabbled into Human Transmutation & managed to make a breakthrough in the creation of Golems. However, his recklessness got him court marshaled. He became a major villian when he used his Golems to adbuct people as part of his plan to revive Elma with the Crimson Exilir. The Elrics Brothers tried to fight Crowley, only to defeat him after he transmuated himself in a Golem through the Crimson Elxir.


Exclusive to "Curse of the Crimson Elixir", this mysterious teenage girl in strange clothing handed a strange ring to Ed. It would turned out she died long ago as a human, she was revived as a Golem named Phantom. In this state, her semi-ghosty body glows a sickly pale blue. Elma proved a deadly fighter against the Elric Brothers on the ocassion she fought them though she wanted to rest in peace

The State Military

In the front, from left to right, are Hughes, Mustang, and Hawkeye.
In the front, from left to right, are Hughes, Mustang, and Hawkeye.

In the country of Amestris, the Fuhrer (the governing leader who is also known as President) has command of the military. All alchemists that work in the military are referred to as "State Alchemists" or "National Alchemists", obtaining titles based on their alchemic talents and abilities. Like any army, there are rankings. From lowest to highest: Security Personnel, Private, Sergeant, Sergeant Major, Warrant Officer, Second Lieutenant, First Lieutenant, Major, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel, Brigadier General, Major General, Lieutenant General, and General. All State Alchemists are given the ranking of Major upon their entrance into the military, and have the potential to be promoted from there. After the current Fuhrer, King Bradley, was killed, the military gave all the political power to Amestris' newly formed parliament.

To be certified as a State Alchemist requires a written exam, several physicals, and then a demonstration of skill. Potential State Alchemists are required to authenticate their alchemic abilities by producing either the results of their research or by showing their alchemic talents to a select group of high ranking officers who judge the alchemists based on several criteria. Competition is fierce, and only one or two alchemists are accepted each examination cycle. In addition to their state titles, certified State Alchemists gain access to restricted information in the National Library at Central, and gain access to state funding for experiments and research into alchemy. Once a year all State Alcemists must undergo recertification in order to remain State Alchemists, otherwise their titles are revoked and they are dismissed from the military.

Doctor Tim Marcoh, Jack Crowley , Lincor, Cravis Fagott and Shou Tucker are all considered former State Alchemists. Also, while Fuhrer King Bradley and Captain Juliet Douglas are members of the State military, they are both more than what they appear. All of these characters are not described in this section.

Roy Mustang

Mustang in the episode "Be Thou For the People".
Mustang in the episode "Be Thou For the People".

Colonel Roy Mustang, the Flame Alchemist. Ed's superior officer in the military, friend of Maes Hughes and an acquaintance of Hohenheim. At the time of his introduction in the anime, Mustang held the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and was stationed at Central, although he was tranfered early on to the Eastern Territories to clean up Lieutenant Yoki's mess. He was involved in the Ishbal War, though he could never forget the horror and the lives he took. Among them include the parents of automail mechanic and Ed and Al's childhood friend Winry Rockbell. His participation in the Ishbal war has also caused Mustang to become somewhat mentally unstable, which at that incident, caused Mustang to have bouts of severe depression, which in turn nearly led Mustang to consider killing himself. Often playfully mysterious, Mustang sometimes annoys Edward to no end. In truth, he has his own goals and intentions in mind as a member of the military. He wishes to become Fuhrer to try to make the world a better place, with one of his policies to be that all female members must wear miniskirts. At the end of the series, he kills the Homunculus Pride and narrowly survives. He loses his left eye (presumably) from being shot by automail-Archer. He is promoted to Brigadier General for exposing the conspiracy in the military, though he thought of dropping his state alchemist title, a powerful alchemist in his own right, Mustang wears gloves with Transmutation Circles on them that are made of a material called "pyrotex/ignition cloth" that sparks when he snaps his fingers, then afterwards, by adjusting the oxygen content in the surrounding atmosphere through alchemy, he can create flames anywhere in the surrounding area at will and manipulate them as he desires. Amusingly, because of this, he is considered "useless" on rainy days. Mustang and his subordinates are named after fighter planes, which never existed during this time and era of the other Alchemy World.

Maes Hughes

Portrait of Hughes.
Portrait of Hughes.

Lieutenant Colonel Maes Hughes was member of the Investigations division and good friends with Colonel Mustang and the Elric brothers. At the time of his introduction in the anime, Hughes held the rank of Major, and first met the Elrics while serving as a communications officer for General Hakuro. Hughes and Edward helped recapture a passenger train that had been hijacked by Bald. Hughes loved his wife, Gracia, and was absolutely obsessed with his little daughter Elicia. He would commonly shove pictures of her into other people's faces to cheer them up: the fervor of his obsession usually freaked out or annoyed most members of the military. He was also very supportive of Mustang's plan to become Fuhrer, doing whatever he can to, as he put it, to "help him from the bottom to the top."

Hughes, in "Fullmetal vs. the Flame"
Hughes, in "Fullmetal vs. the Flame"

Hughes, while investigating more on the 5th Laboratory incident and the mysterious deaths of the officers involved with its experiments, learned the truth about Juliet Douglas. Unfortunantely, he was killed by Envy before he could reveal that truth to the Elric brothers. He was promoted to Brigadier General posthumously for dying in the line of duty. His death came as a shock to to his friends and family, especially Sheska and Mustang, who took Hughes's death personally. While he may not have been an alchemist, Hughes was, however, an expert in knife throwing and carried small knives which he used as protection in battle.

Riza Hawkeye

Hawkeye from the final episode.
Hawkeye from the final episode.

First Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye is a hard-working member of the state military and most trusted in Mustang's circle of friends. At the time of her introduction in the anime, Hawkeye held the rank of Second Liertenant, and was stationed at Central, but like Mustang was promoted one rank and reassigned to the Eastern Territories early in the series. She is excellent with guns, and usually carries two with her wherever she goes. She always tries to stay calm and collected, but when Lust told her that Mustang was dead, Riza went crazy and filled Lust full of lead. She has strong feelings for Mustang, though she draws the line with his 'miniskirt' policy. She also has a soft spot for the Elrics. Her dog-training methods with her dog, Black Hayate, are rather questionable. She once posed as a woman named Margott Orange Peko so she can gather info on Prof. Eiselstien's work as his assistant during the events of 'Broken Angel'. She was last seen tending to Mustang's injuries after his fight with Pride. On occasion her name is translated as Liza or Rise. Although the manga strongly implies that her full name is Elizabeth, suggesting that Liza is the correct translation, official materials have consistently written her name as Riza.

Jean Havoc

Second Lieutenant Jean Havoc likes to smoke, and often goes through several packs per day. He is a fair shot with a gun as well. He's one of Roy Mustang's most loyal followers, partly due to the man's 'miniskirt' policy. Havoc is somewhat dull at times, but his intense friendship and loyalty to Roy Mustang knows no end.  Havoc is a strict man of duty.  He never lets any situation get the best of him.  He goes by the book, even if he knows what he is being asked to do is not the course of action he would make if he were in charge. Havoc's also always searching for a girlfriend and, tragically, never gets one — it seems Mustang is constantly stealing any potential dates away from him.

In the manga, Havoc was forced to retire from the military, due to the fact that Lust had paralyzed him below the waist. However, he is determined to rejoin Mustang's group at some future point in time.

Heymans Breda

Second Lieutenant Heymans Breda is good at chess and is one of Mustang's subordinates. He occasionally plays pranks on the other members of Mustang's group. He also has a talent for strategy games, including chess, go, and shogi. He is afraid of dogs.

Kain Fuery

Sergeant Major Kain Fuery is a kind man who cares for animals and everyone else. He was the one who brought Black Hayate into the eastern headquarters, though he freaked out about Riza's methods of training. He is part of Roy Mustang's group and is the youngest and lowest-ranked member. A common unofficial translation has his name as Caine Fury. He gets injured in his forehead due to ricochet off Ed's auto-mail hand.

Alex Louis Armstrong

A "cartoony" rendition of Armstrong.
A "cartoony" rendition of Armstrong.

Major Alex Louis Armstrong is the Strong Arm Alchemist. He was born into a family of alchemists and has mastered his family's skill of using his arm strength in his alchemy. He often takes off his shirt when in battle for no other reason than showing off his 'beautiful body'. A very intimidating man at first sight, but is actually more of a softie, as sentimentalism prevents him from being promoted. Armstrong was part of the Ishbal War and has a sense of loyalty towards Roy Mustang. After Edward and Alphonse's battle with Scar—which cost Al his right side and Ed his automail arm—Armstrong volenteered to escort the boys back to Rismeboul in order to get Ed's arm replaced, and subsequently get Al's armor fixed. He is jokingly known as "Colonel Clean" for obvious reasons— the resemblance to the cleaning product mascot is uncanny, including the pink sparkles.


General Hakuro is one of the top-ranking officers in the military. Near the beginning of the series, he is held hostage on a train by Bald while he is returning home from vacation. He also proctored Edward's first Alchemist Exam, as his way of repaying the boy. Shortly thereafter General Hakuro promoted Mustang and Hawkeye one level, and reasigned them to the Eastern Territories to help clean up Lieutenant Yoki's mess. He was later seen leading the military at Lior. It was General Hakuro who took Rose hostage and had her raped repeatedly. His Alchemy Title and uses are unknown, possibly known for his military strategy only, nothing more. It was his orders that reinforced the arrival of his troops during the Mustang/Fuhrer incident. A man with ambitious growth, Hakuro is the epitome of military "suck-ups" An English misspelling by FUNimation has his family name as Haruko along with a different voice over change

Vato Falman

Warrant Officer Vato Falman escorted General Haruko back from his vacation and he works in the investigation department under Lieutenant Hughes, but also aids Mustang at Eastern Headquarters. After Hughes's untimely death, Falman begs Mustang to let him join the team. Falman is also known for his precision and data.

Basque Grand

Brigadier General Basque Grand is the Iron Blood Alchemist. He is able to transmute the iron in his blood to an assortment of guns and other weapons. The leading proponent for using the Philosopher's Stone for military applications, Grand was the one who had Marcoh's research be used in the Ishbal War. After Marcoh went AWOL, Grand was enraged for losing such power and decided to forge his own Philosopher's Stone. He was also the man who forced Shou Tucker to use his daughter in his Chimera project, intending to use the beastmen created in the 5th Lab and findings on the Philosopher’s Stone for his own ends. Grand was killed by Scar before he could see his ambitions realized. A common unofficial translation has his family name as Gran.


Lieutenant Yoki, in the episode "The Silver Watch of the Dog of the Military"
Lieutenant Yoki, in the episode "The Silver Watch of the Dog of the Military"

First Lieutenant Yoki was in charge of the mines in Youswell and was a very corrupt man who rose to his position through massive bribes. His influence on the people of Youswell was profoundly negative: not only did he levy heavy taxes on the people, he also lowered their wages, virtually bankrupting the city.

Edward was assigned to his first mission as a State Alchemist in Youswell. While he and Al were staying there, Edward discovered that the city was in dire straits, and managed to expose Yoki as a con artist by purchasing the title to the town with a large amount of gold (which later was discovered to be rocks). After Yoki's exposure, General Hakuro promoted Mustang and Hawkeye and reassigned them to the Eastern Command Center to help clean up the mess left by Yoki. Ending up at a Ishablite refugee, Yoki gained the attention of the state military by informing them that Scar was living amongst the refugees; with inentions of being awared back his position in the military. As he was about to discuss his reward, Yoki would be repeatedly impaled by Lust during a face-off between Roy Mustang's soldiers and the Ishbal people. Lust's lightning-quick extending fingers made it look like Yoki recieved bullet-wounds, making it seem the Ishbalites were shooting at the soliders and Yoki was kill in the crossfire. Panic and chaos ensued as Yoki's lifeless body was then devoured by Gluttony.

In the manga, following a different path to the anime, Yoki aligned himself with Scar to get his revenge on Edward and the military members who discharged him for the Youswell incident. However, he would eventually betray Scar in order to claim the bounty placed on his head. Nonetheless, Scar kept him around, and Yoki ends up being the one who finds Mei Chan in the street.

Lieutenant Colonel Aston Martins

The Thunder Alchemist. Exclusive to "Stray Rondo". He tends to put the moves on the ladies. In battle, he becomes a calm person with great skills with his katana. He was in jail until he was given parole by Mustang to help the Elric brothers in their mission. He has a great interest and some incorrect knowledge in the Samurai code. He was a friend of Colonel Royce.

Second Lieutenant Maria Ross

She is put in charge of taking care of the Elric brothers during their stay in Central City. She and her partner were assigned the task of guarding the Elrics due to Scars return in Central City and his previous attempt on Ed and Al's lives. Almost immediately, she takes on the role of a parental figure. She tries to give guidance to the brothers whenever she can. She had a short-lived crush on Hohenheim. Both she and her partner work under Major Alex Loius Armstrong.

In the manga, she is accused of murdering Lieutenant Colonel Hughes. With the help of Mustang and his gang, she fakes her death in Central and flees to the country of Xing, to the East.

Sergeant Denny Brosh

Almost always seen with Lieutenant Ross, he is rather nosy and lazy. He also has an enormous infatuation with Maria Ross. He also has a resemblance to Ed. Like Ross, he also workers under Major Alex Louis Armstrong. In the FUNimation English anime, his name is romanized as Bloch.

Librarian Sheska

Her responsibilities include organizing and keeping records of all of the books in the Central City library, but due to reading books instead of working she was fired. Her talent to instantly recall entire books from her mind and recite them verbatim was a great help to the Elric Brothers for recreating Tim Marcoh's book. She also helped Hughes recreate State Military files lost in the library until he fired her to save Sheska from the military's higher-ups. After Hughes's death, she tried investigating his death herself, and succeeded in learning the strange discrepancies about King Bradley's secratery Juliet Douglas, which is the same information that Hughes discovered before he was killed. She fled to Resembool with Winry to escape a similar fate. Sony's Aniplex anime DVDs and website spell her name as Sheska, although FUNimation's anime DVDs and television closed-captioning spell her name as Scieszka.

Lieutenant Colonel Frank Archer

Archer, outfitted with automail, in "Beyond the Gate".
Archer, outfitted with automail, in "Beyond the Gate".

He is in charge of Intelligence. Very cool, calm, and collected. Archer thoroughly enjoys war and all his actions are aimed towards preparation for future wars. Archer could easily be compared to Basque as far as morality goes. He is obsessed with glory and honor and becoming a hero, which is his main motivation for most of his actions in the series. Most of his body was destroyed at Lior so he was heavily modified with Automail; Archer was now more machine than man. But he continued to follow Pride until he was killed by Riza in the finale after the fully-mechnical monster took out one of an exhausted Mustang's eyes.

Zolf J. Kimblee

Kimblee, in "Holy Mother".
Kimblee, in "Holy Mother".

The Crimson Alchemist. He uses the chemical properties in the human body to create explosives, turning people into living bombs. A sick and perverse man; during the Ishbal War, he killed numerous civilians, women, and children just to hear the sound of them exploding. He was also the man who killed Scar's brother, making him a prime target on Scar's list. When he killed one of his superior officers, Kimblee was imprisoned in the 5th laboratory and sentenced to death. He was one of the prisoners the Homunculi and Shou Tucker tried to trick Edward Elric into using as a ingredigent to create a Philosopher's Stone for them, but Zolf blew up another prisoner to escape, exposing the truth to Edward. Zolf joined Greed temporarily, only to betray him in order to be re-enlisted in the military under Frank Archer with a full pardon. He finally paid for his crimes at the hands of Scar, but not before Kimblee made a vain attempt to kill Al. His first name is sometimes translated Zolof and his surname is sometimes translated as Kimbly,Kimbley, or Kimberly (in some subs).

Kimblee has yet to provide an important role in the manga version, although there are already signs of him in certain chapters, especially through the unique transmutation circles on his palms.

Brigadier General Mudey Nemda

Found in the PS2 game, Fullmetal Alchemist and the Broken Angel. A overweight corrupted militant who was blackmailing Professer Eiselstien into making him the Chimeras he used to attack Hissenburg. He was also drafting soldiers without premission to the end of starting a rebellion against the Furher, though he was actally a pawn Camilla used for her own plans. In the end, he was arrested by Central City MPs.

Colonel Genz Bressallu

The Armor Piercing Alchemist. He made a special appearance only in the events of Broken Angel. The Elric Brothers encountered him when he led the train hijacking taking alchemists to New Hiessgart he was defeated and his left automail arm was damaged. He modofied his body with automail two more times after that. His last appearance was his body transformed into a machine when Camilla transmuated his entire body into automail. No matter how many times he was defeated, he still insisted he is the "strongest in the military. He is also in the game "Broken Angel."

Joliot Comanche

The Silver Alchemist. Exclusive to the manga. He was involved in the Ishbal War. He loves violence and fighting, and his style is to transmute various weapons on the battlefield. Because of this, he is completely helpless when there is nothing to transmute.

Lieutenant Colonel Romeo Kregan

Exclusive to the 'God-surpassing girl', he is an officer in the Valdora Military. He is famous as for his excellence as soldier and weapons he made.

Venus Rosmaria

Exclusive to the 'God-surpassing girl', she is the captain of an independent Valdora Military organization. She's often referred to as the 'Red Rose' for her crimson attire.


The various people the Elric Brothers befriend or deal with during their journey.

Father Cornello

He is a low-rate alchemist and a fraud. He used what he thought was the Philosopher's Stone (an incomplete Philosopher's Stone provided by Lust) to fool the people of Lior into thinking that he was sent by the Sun God Leto with the power to resurrect the dead. Although he used alchemy to bring prosperity to the desert city, he wanted only to convert the citizens into a fanatical army. The Elric brothers exposed him for the fraud he was. Shortly afterward, the incomplete Philosopher's Stone shattered. Cornello was finally killed as Gluttony ate him. Envy (disguised as Cornello) managed to reforge the deception until the military stepped in. (Sometimes Father is translated as Founder, usually in the Manga.)


He was Father Cornello's right-hand man and a devout follower of his religion. Shortly after Ed and Al's arrival in Loir Cornello explained to Cray that the two were in fact State Alchemists, and were most likely in Loir for reconosennse purposes. Consequently, Cray took it upon himself to try and kill Ed and Al, but failed to elimanate either of them. During the siege of Loir Cray was devoured by Gluttony when he looked for Cornello and found the Homunculi instead.

Arlen Glostner

Exclusive to "Curse of the Crimson Elixir". An elderly man who acts younger than he looks, Arlen is an expert on ancient cultures such as Lebis. He was an adventurous archeologist before he retired, and anything that sparks his interest is most likely to have him resume his research.


A member of a bandit group who hijacked a train headed towards Central City so that he could trade the safety of the passengers on board for the freedom of his group's leader. He was stopped by Edward, as he and his brother were heading to Central City to become State Alchemists. He would later resurface in "Curse of the Crimson Elixir" at the sewers of Eastern City, and then "Stray Rondo" to repeat the same crime, only to be put in jail yet again both times by Ed.

Barry the Chopper

Barry the Chopper in the episode "Affixing Memories".
Barry the Chopper in the episode "Affixing Memories".

A serial killer introduced near the beginning of the series, Barry was a butcher in Central's Gunzi section. He earned the title for killing his wife and chopping her into bits. Then, posing as a food-delivery woman, abducted various women, killed them out of pleasure, and ditched them in alleys. He is caught by Ed in the boy's first official task as State Alchemist. The ordeal Barry put Ed through taught the boy the startling realization of how small he truly is in the world and how little he can do to save everyone he ever met. Unknown to the public, instead of receiving the death penalty, Barry got his soul sealed into a skull-faced suit of armor and he became one of the guardians of the 5th Laboratory under the alias of "Number 66". The fact he is no longer human doesn't bother him as long as he gets to kill people.

He would later battle Al, preying on the boy's issues until Scar showed up and destroyed Barry's right arm. To escape from Scar, Barry detonated one of the many bombs in the 5th Laboratory, unintentionally releasing Greed in the process. He took adventage of the chaos in the 5th Laboratory to escape, working for a band of mercanies who were pretending to be in the military until he faced the Elric Brothers and Scar again. This time, Barry's seal was a partically shattered by Scar and the rest him was blown into pieces...

In the manga (in which he surived the ordeal and had greater importance), he made a deal with Roy Mustang to help him in exchange for his freedom, falling in love with Riza when she shot his head off without flinching ("I love strong women, I'm in love with you missy!"). While helping them investigate the homunculi, he finds out that his old body is still alive. When he confronts it, it kills him.


Lyra, in "Dante of the Deep Forest".
Lyra, in "Dante of the Deep Forest".

She is an alchemist under the command of Lieutenant Yoki with the aspirations of becoming a State Alchemist. That was until Edward exposed Yoki for the corrupt military official he is. She used the air around her in her alchemy. Lyra later resurfaced as a student of Dante. In truth, Lyra later became another vessel for Dante. Her soul was transferred from Dante's previous and dying body. Also can be Lyla.

Corniche R. Royce

Exclusive to "Stray Rondo" and "Sonata of Memories" games, Corniche is an alchemist who excels in the field of medical alchemy, growing up in the care of her home and has never left it before. It was because of her brother that she went to Capital City and becomes a State Alchemist to be of use to more people. Although she has quick wits, she would sometimes become a bit of an airhead.


The Tuning Alchemist. The villain of "Stray Rondo", Lincor was once known as Colonel Seraphy Royce. His involvement in the Ishbal War made him realize that the State was using alchemists more like weapons. His superior officers set up the rumors that Royce was creating chimeras via human transmutation. Therefore, Royce faked his death and began to set up his own war with the State. In the end, he transmuted himself into his entire castle and was defeated.

Dalt Daimler

An Alchemist who helped Lincor, posing as a merchant. He was killed by Randy. His only son was Lute D. Saxophone.

Randy Rover

Exclusive to "Stray Rondo" and "Sonata of Memories" games, Randy was an upper-class alchemist until the Ishbal War reduced him to poverty. On the verge of death, he was saved by Lincor and so as a debt of gratitude, he is willing to serve him with his loyalty. He's proud of his muscular body.

Kate Rham

Exclusive to "Stray Rondo" and "Sonata of Memories" games, Kate never received any love from her parents as a child. One day, she was able to make dolls that moved and talked with her alchemy. After that, her parents died in the Ishbal War and she was found by Lincor, who promised to be her friend. She thinks of her dolls as the next most important thing. She's very sensitive about her size like Edward.


Clara, a cat burglar who publicly makes her thievery known so that her sinking city will be full of life before it disappears beneath a lake. Her alchemy uses cards and water. She was Ed's first female opponent, taking advantage of Al's gullibility by saying she was stealing to save a building she was working at. Her disguises included a nurse, a nun, and a schoolteacher. The name is sometimes misinterpreted or mistranslated as "Siren." But, during the episode, you catch a glimpse of a newspaper reading, "Psiren Strikes Again!"

Russell Tringham

The son of alchemist Nash Tringham, who supposedly discovered red water and did extensive research on it in Central City before he saw the nightmarish side effects. Hearing that his father was last heard from in Xenotime, he and his younger brother Fletcher posed as the Elric Brothers so that Russell would be able to work on red water, to fulfill their father's dream. After learning the truth, Russell helped stop Mugwar and decided to stay in Xenotime and use his alchemy to make it wealthy in agricultural terms.

Fletcher Tringham

Russell's younger brother. He is caring and disliked the deception they were pulling. He specializes in alchemy dealing with plant life. Sony's Aniplex anime DVDs spell his family name as Tringum, although Sony's Aniplex website spells his name as Tlingum. A common unofficial translation has his family name as Tringham.


He was the richest man in the city of Xenotime, owning most of the land. When Xenotime's gold supply diminished, Mugwar had Nash Tringham crystallize red water to make imitation Philosopher's Stones, called Red Stones. He uses the crystals to transmute rock into gold so that people will come to the city and he will get lots of money. He was forced to murder Tringum when he refused to help at the cost of the deaths caused by the red water. He took advantage of the Tringham brothers by pretending to fall for their deception and had them continue their father's work. He was one of the men Lust took advantage of for her own ambitions. He is eventually killed, crushed by the cave-in, caused by the pressure from the red water. Sony's Aniplex anime DVDs spell his name as Mugwar, although Sony's Aniplex website spells his name as Mugear. A common unofficial translation has his name as Magwar.

Doctor Tim Marcoh

The Crystal Alchemist. Marcoh was the leading researcher in the creation of the Philosopher's Stone. After his research was used in the Ishbal War, he fled from his position as a State Alchemist and took his research with him to prevent it from being used for further destruction. Posing as a medical doctor, he began to use the Stone he created to help the sick. Naturally, when the Elric Brothers turn up, he's none too happy to see military personnel. He panics and attempts to escape (even though Ed and Al aren't there to capture him) but is captured by the military who followed Ed and Al and is take into military custody. Marcoh gave Edward a hint that would eventually lead him and his brother to find his book, which not only revealed how the Philosopher's Stone is created but the location of the 5th laboratory. During his time in the Fuhrer's protection, Marcoh was confronted by Lust, who needed to make sure Marcoh didn't reveal too much information to the brothers. She then wounded Marcoh and had Gluttony devour him. A common unofficial translation of his last name is Marco, though the author makes it very clear when in his letter to Ed, which was written in English even in the Japanese Manga, it is signed Tim Marcoh.

In the Japanese manga, Marcoh continues to live on but in the recent chapters he has been captured by Envy who tricks him by transforming into one of the soliders under Colonel Mustang's control, Lieutenant Breda. His whereabouts are now at some dilapiated building where Envy is holding him captive, and making him meet the father of the homunculus.

Viola Amore

Exclusive to "Sonata of Memories" game, she was an automail engineer. Her family was victims of chimera transmutation.

Cravis Fagott

Exclusive to "Sonata of Memories" game, he was a State Alchemist; he was another of Basque's pawns in his 'BeastMan' project. He stripped for position when the public learned he used Viola's parents in a Chimera-transmutation, though they died, and Lila went missing afterwards. Since then, he looked after the chimeras he created and made peace with them. He was killed by his former assistant Lute.

Armony Eiselstein

Exclusive to "Broken Angel", she's Professor Eiselstein’s daughter. Her father strictly prohibited her from learning alchemy because she has no talent for it. She believed that her father had grown cold to her because of her inability to perform alchemy, so she becomes Ed’s student in hopes of acceptance. She has a cheerful disposition and is a hard worker with a love for flowers, especially the Etherflower. She has a pair of wings that grow from her back. The truth was she was a transmutation of Wilhelm's real daughter, Selene. When the Philosopher's Catalyst was complete, an object meant to be transmuted was incompatible with the wings so it rebounded to Selene. The professor used the wings to stop the rebound, but Selene was transmuted to Armony. Armony's source of life is the power of the wings and if that power is directed to somewhere else, she would die. That's the reason why she never became an alchemist. When Carmilla learned the truth, she abducted Armony and started to transmute her into her chimeras, but the girl's father intervened, which resulted in destroying Armony's wings and scarred Camilla. Near death, Wilhelm took his daughter to his lab, where he took both his life and hers. Her name in the Japanese version, "Tobenai Tenshi", was actually "Armony Angelstein".

Professor Wilhelm Eiselstein

Exclusive to "Broken Angel", he's one of Ten Alchemists and considered a world authority on catalytics – the study of making efficient alchemy. Eiselstein is also a friend of Izumi Cutis. He is researching the “Philosopher’s Catalyst,” a legendary material that has powers comparable to the Philosopher’s Stone. When Chimeras attacked the Hiessgart, he took the initiative by evacuating the residents and establishing the New Hiessgart. He stopped Carmilla from transmuting Almony, but his daughter was going to die with her wings destroyed. Then he took Almony to his lab where he took his own life and his daughter's. His name in the Japanese version, "Tobenai Tenshi", was actually "Wilhelm Angelstein".


The villain of "Broken Angel", an eye-patched woman behind the chimera attacks in Hiessgart, posing as Wilhelm's assistant Greta to get possession of the Philosopher's Catalyst. It turned out she was a legendary alchemist who was working on the Catalyst herself, only to disappear under mysterious circumstances. Her three Chimeras (Behemoth, Ziz, and Leviathan) feed on the flesh of alchemists provided by Nemda to serve as catalysts for a refined Philosopher's Catalyst. With Almony in her grasp, Camilla intended to transmute Almony & her Chimeras to create a perfected Philosopher's Catalyst. But Professor Eislstein threw an Etherflower at Camilla to cancel the transmuation, destorying the Catalyst in Almony & causing Carmilla's face to mutate in the process. Camilla retaliated for her face and plans ruined by merging her chimeras into a single monster to kill everyone, only for the fused beast to be destroyed by the Elric Bros. Camilla escaped and still is on the loose.

Slicer Brothers

A pair of serial killers who had their souls sealed into a single suit of armor and became one of the guardians of the 5th laboratory under the joint alias of "Number 48", assigned to kill any intruders. After being defeated by Edward, they wished him to take their lives but Edward refused to kill them. But when he treated them like humans the younger brother (body) made up up his mind and took his own life. The older brother (head) lived on to take Edward to where the Philosopher's Stone was in work before Lust killed him in a attempt to force Edward to help her.

In the Manga, the older brother was killed by Lust, and the younger by Envy. This was so that they could not tell information about the stones.

Mei Chan

From the manga, she is a wandering alchemist from the far-eastern country of Xing. Accompanied by a tiny panda, she is searching for more knowledge in alchemy. Mei had a crush on Edward, although she never met him and wanted to meet him badly. Her fantasy of Ed is as a tall, handsome man. She does meet him later on, but is unable to recognize him and calls him, 'bean boy'.

Ling Yao

From the manga, he a member of the Ling Royal Family of the Empire of Xing. He is search for the Philosopher's Stone so it could be used to stablize his country. At one point he is imprisoned in the Central City jail for traveling in Amestris without the proper passport, and strikes a deal with Barry the Chopper to spring him out. He then smuggles Maria Ross out of Amestris so she can hide after being accused of Hughes' murder. In chapter 50, he is swallowed by Gluttony, along with Ed. His life is still uncertain at the end of the chapter.


From the manga, he is one of the two body guards that guards Ling Yao.

Lan Fan

From the manga, she of two body guards that guards Ling Yao. She can sense the presence of a soul, thus she can quickly identify Homocunli like Envy that have more than one soul in their Proto-Philosopher's Stones, meaning she can easily see through Envy's disguises. She seems to have a huge crush on Ling Yao. In chapter 47 she cuts off her arm after it is rendered useless in an effort to divert Bradley's attention away from her.


From the manga, he is a Xingese man in charge of immigration and then some.

Sophie Belkman

Exclusive to the 'God-surprassing girl', a mysterious young girl with a strange tranmuation circe-like symbol embedded in her right hand.


From the Movie, a Romanian filmmaker who bears a resemblance to King Bradley.

Dietlinde Eckart

The villian of the Movie, a member of the Thule Society in charge of the Shambala invasion. Using Envy and Alphonse, she animated a army of armored suits(Each identical to Al's armored body) and had them fly to through the gates to Central City. But her plans were foiled at the hands of Edward in the end. Apparently was related to Dietrich Eckart.


Another inhumane form of Alchemy by some, a Golem is the result of fusing a organic being with with a inorganic materals creating a soil-skinned creature. Only few Alchemists are known could pull off such transmuation. Only two such beings are listed so far.

Jack Crowley

The Main villian of "Curse of the Crimson Elixir". A former State Alchemist, Jack used to be known as the Silver Bullet Alchemist. A highly intelligent man, he dabbled into Human Transmutation & managed to make a breakthrough in the creation of Golems. However, his recklessness got him court marshaled. He became a major villian when he used his Golems to adbuct people as part of his plan to revive Elma with the Crimson Exilir. The Elrics Brothers tried to fight Crowley, only to defeat him after he transmuated himself in a Golem through the Crimson Elxir.


Exclusive to "Curse of the Crimson Elixir", this mysterious teenage girl in strange clothing handed a strange ring to Ed. It would turned out she died long ago as a human, she was revived as a Golem named Phantom. In this state, her semi-ghosty body glows a sickly pale blue. Elma proved a deadly fighter against the Elric Brothers on the ocassion she fought them though she wanted to rest in peace.


The Homunculi are humans that are created artificially by alchemy. They are much like natural humans with the exception of a soul. They are actually created as by-products of failed attempts at human transmutation. Though not inherently immortal, by consuming incomplete Philosopher's Stones they can prolong their lives indefinitely and gain regeneration from any injury, or even death. They do have one weakness: they become very vulnerable (sometimes paralyzed) if they get too close to a part of the person that was to be revived (a part of their former body). They are also incapable of using alchemy (as they 'came' from the other side of the Gate), although each one of them has a supernatural ability to make up for it. Their goal is to see a true Philosopher's Stone created, as they have been told that it would give them souls so they can be fully human, though they are all being used by Dante. They are each named after one of the seven deadly sins and an ouroboros is tattooed somewhere on their bodies. In the manga the Ouroborus' location is also where their fake Philosopher's Stone is located that allows them to come back to life and break the laws of alchemy in their attacks. To be killed, the appropriate punishment in Hell according to the Bible and which sin they are must be applied.

Not having a soul seems to turn them into sociopaths. They are able to kill anything without restraint, showing no emotion at all, where most of the sociopathic humans in the series at least relish killing. Even people who should have some shadow of an emotional attatchment for them (mostly through flashbacks from their 'previous' lives) they can kill without even showing any change in facial expression. Never choosing to be killers, the homunculi can be best described as empty, and they can feel that something is missing. This is why they long to be human. Though they are undoubtably evil, (as would be expected of incarnations of sin) they are almost tragic figures corrupted by the science of alchemy, and the mistakes of selfish humans. Most homunculi have human needs and drives, such as childlike need for attachment to a mother figure, or revenge.


Lust, in "Human Transmutation".
Lust, in "Human Transmutation".

She is the first of the Homunculi encountered in the series, sultry and cool-headed. Her title is "Ultimate Lance" because her fingers are razor sharp and she can extend them to stab people. While she met the Elrics when they were on their way to Central City for the first time, she properly introduced herself to them in the 5th Lab. She tends to be more involved with the intrigue side of various conspiracies. She was created by Scar's brother when he attempted to use alchemy to bring his lover back from the dead. It is speculated that during the transmutation, Scar's brother lost part or all of his male reproductive organs as part of the equivalent exchange. She was not the first Homunculus to bear the name of Lust, and is one of the younger Homunculi. She was killed by Wrath when she went against Dante. Her tattoo was located above her bosom.

Lust in the manga never shared the same background story as her anime counterpart. She was just a homunculus who followed her lustful ways. She met her 'death' at the flames of Roy who burnt her until her incomplete Philosopher's Stone was used up. Roy suffered severe wounds and she paralyzed Jean Havoc below the waist before she died.


Gluttony, in "Death".
Gluttony, in "Death".

He is one of the older Homunculi, despite having the mentality of a child and lacking a will of his own. True to his name, he is always eager to eat anything, or anyone, living or dead. Most of his muscles are in his jaws and his saliva is acidic, dissolving even the toughest metals to feed his ravenous appetite. He emotionally latches onto Lust like a young child to its mother, and Lust, in turn, treats Gluttony almost as a pet.. Little is known of his past, though Envy hinted that Gluttony was created to make a Philosopher's Stone from those he consumed. Dante transmuted Gluttony to a mindless monster so he could eat Al and perfect the Philosopher's Stone in his stomach. But Gluttony fell victim to Al's alchemy, his lower jaw dissolved. He was last seen trying to devour Dante, but it was apparent he surivived Dante's alchemy and had lived in the underground city since. He tried to eat Wrath when he and Al entered the City to open the Gate. He was finally destoryed when Wrath sacrificed himself to open the Gate. Gluttony's Ouroburos tattoo was located on his tongue before Dante removed it.

In the manga version, Gluttony's character is mostly the same. He falls into a slump after Lust's death like in the anime. Eventually, Gluttony gets captured by Ling Yao and Edward. When he finds Roy Mustang, who had killed Lust earlier, he goes into a fit of rage, revealing his true form, where he appears to be split in two down the middle and claw-like talons sprout from his sides. Between the talons and in the middle of his body is a giant eye, much like the one inside the Gate. He is able to devour anything on a larger scale and seems to calm down when Envy arrives on the scene, with the Elric brothers there as well.


Pride, in "The Scar".
Pride, in "The Scar".

In the anime, to the public, he is King Bradley, the Führer (or President) of the military and de facto leader of Amestris. He was created by Dante for the purpose of infiltration and to control the military so that Dante could be the puppet master behind all military actions. His Ouroburos is on his left eye, which he covers with an eye patch. His "Ultimate Eye" allows him see all possible outcomes of situations so he can predict the moves of an opponent before they happen. He was Dante's finest creation as he was the only Homunculus who could age like a normal human. This enabled Pride to live among humans and even have a family of his own, with an adopted son named Selim (sometimes translated as Salem), whom he strangled to death when the boy inadvertantly gave Roy Mustang an advantage against him. What Selim thought to be his father's most valuable possession was actually the skull of the man Pride was modeled after, who seems to look like the first body in which Dante transferred Hohenheim's soul into (Episode 44). Mustang used it to immobilize Pride so he could incinerate the Homunculus during the last episode.

In the manga, however, Pride is an entirely different character yet to be revealed, as Bradley is the Homunculus Wrath. So far in the manga, Pride has only appeared as a disembodied voice speaking to the other Homunculi. He is obviously in control of the other Homunculi though and seems to be highly respected and feared.


Envy, in "Human Transmutation".
Envy, in "Human Transmutation".

An effeminate figure with dry wit, he has the ability to assume the form of any person and copy their voice. He also displays super-strength and high agility. He is so old that he usually takes on the form of a young boy because he claims to "forget" what his original form looked like (which resembled a teenage Hohenheim). He mainly helps Dante and the other Homunculi by posing as someone to take advantage of people. He imprisoned Greed in the 5th Laboratory.

Envy's original human face, from "Death".
Envy's original human face, from "Death".

He was created by Hohenheim when he attempted to use alchemy revive his and Dante's son, who had died from mercury poisoning. Envy held a great hatred toward Hohenheim for never being acknowledged by the man as his son and for abandoning him and Dante, with whom he had a rocky relationship. But by the time he learned that Hohenheim remarried and fathered two sons, Envy was even more furious and took it out on his 'younger half-brothers', Ed and Al, as it was the next best thing to killing their 'old man'. He even killed Ed, though Al managed to revive him with the Philosopher's Stone. Upon learning Hohenheim was still alive and beyond the gate, Envy became excited with the thought of being able to kill Hohenheim himself and went through the gate. Envy ended up on the other side and is still alive and still bent on revenge. He crossed paths with Edward once more, but was abducted by the Thule Society who used Envy in a experiment that gave life to their soldiers & opened the Gate to Shambala. Envy eventally got his revenge on Hohenhiem, though Envy he died in the process. His tattoo was located on his left thigh.

In the manga, however, there are no signs of any grudge between him and Hohenheim unlike in the anime due to the difference in the Homunculus theory between the two media. Like the anime, the body Envy spends most of his time in is not his real body. There are several strong hints in the manga that point to Envy's real body being a terrifying monster of some sort. In a recent chapter, Envy takes Doctor Tim Marcoh captive to meet someone for some goals unknown. He is told to intervene on Gluttony's problem in which he had transformed into a monster with the eye of the gate revealed.In chapter 50 the top half of his body is swallowed by Gluttony along with Ed and Ling Yao.


Sloth, in "Homunculus Seal" from the Anime.
Sloth, in "Homunculus Seal" from the Anime.

In the anime, as the youngest Homunculus, Sloth had become somewhat of a key member of the group. She assumed the identity of Captain Juliet Douglas, a soldier who was said to have sparked the Ishbal War by killing an unarmed Ishbal child and died two years ago during the time the Elrics were looking for the Philosopher's Stone. Through manipulation and plotting with Pride, she became his secretary, serving as his representative. She was a hydrokinetic and able to convert the molecules in her body to a liquid substance to suffocate people. She was created by the Elric brothers when they tried to resurrect their mother, Trisha Elric, though they did not learn of this until much later. For this reason, she looks nearly exactly like her, using it to her advantage on Alphonse until she fell victim to the memories of her 'life' as Trisha, seeing that killing the Elric brothers should stop the pain. She had the tattoo of Ouroboros above her left breast and acts like a mother to Wrath taking care of him. However, Wrath unknowingly plays a part in her death as he absorbs her (along with Trisha's bones he absorbed earlier), leaving her vulnerable to be turned into ethanol by Ed, causing her to dissipate into the atmosphere.

The manga Sloth is an entirely different (male) character. His only appearence in the manga is of him digging a gigantic hole somewhere. His body is huge and muscled from all the labor he does. Apparently he uses his hands to dig for his work, constantly which bleed. He is chained up and forced to work and his Ouroborus is located on the back of his right shoulder area.


Greed, in "The Theory of Greed".
Greed, in "The Theory of Greed".

A slick character, a ladies' man and all-around arrogant fellow. He is the 130-year old Homunculus known as the Ultimate Shield, as he is able to make himself impervious to harm by rearranging the bonds between the carbon (most likely in a diamond-like structure) atoms in his body to take on the appearnce of an black-skinned zombie. Unlike the others, he has no interest in the Philosopher's Stone as he was swayed from that by the temptation of money, women, and power (hence his name).

Originally, Greed was a man who was in love with one of Dante's earlier incarnations. He died from unspecified causes and was resurrected by Dante into a Homunculus. He spent the last century imprisoned in the 5th Laboratory after disobeying his creator. The seal that imprisoned him was stabilized by the skull of the man Greed himself was modeled after. But when that skull was shattered by the explosion caused by Barry's escape from Al and Scar, the seal was broken and Greed was freed. Greed took the opportunity to liberate and recruit the other Chimeras that were imprisoned with him out of common interests of revenge on the military. Kimblee and Shou Tucker were in Greed's inner circle as well. Greed later resurfaced after the 5th Laboratory incident to abduct Al so he could gain more knowledge on soul transmutation (he wanted to be immortal). Greed hid at the Devil's Nest bar until Kimblee betrayed him, forcing Greed to seek Dante's help, but she punished him for disobedience by having him vomit out all the incomplete Philosopher's Stones inside his body, weakening him for the fight to follow when Edward pierced Greed's heart with his automail, but he revealed the weaknesses of the others before dying. His Ouroburos was on his left hand.

The Greed in the manga was never sealed inside the 5th Laboratory, but hung out at the Devil's Nest with his loyal chimera allies. When Hohenheim asked if he wanted to come back with the other Homunculi and team up, Greed said he was far too greedy to do so. As a result, Greed was boiled alive in oil with the incomplete Philosopher's Stone inside him extracted and drank by Hohenheim.


Wrath, in "Homunculus Seal".
Wrath, in "Homunculus Seal".

In the anime, he is the second-youngest Homunculus. The 10-14 year old child is unique in that he possesses the ability to perform alchemy (unlike the other Homunculi) without a transmutation circle. He can do this because he has a discolored human arm and leg, which were originally Edward's. His inherent Homunculus ability is fusing his body's form with other objects. He had to live in the Gate until he recieved Ed's limbs, and then he had to live alone on a deserted island. He wasn't accepted anywhere--until he was found by Envy and was 'awakened'. Wrath wanted the rest of Edward's body because he was under the impression that he could absorb it and be completely human. His power is fusing with anything around him, living or not. He was created when Izumi Curtis attempted to bring her baby son back to life with alchemy. Unlike the other Homunculi, there was nothing left of the baby's body from the transmutation, making Wrath practically invincible. His only two weaknesses were his fear of the sound of a wailing baby and the confusion he gets when he sees Izumi, as he came to believe that Sloth is his mother. Dante got sick of Wrath's whining after Sloth's death and banished him back though the Gate, where his human limbs were ripped away from him by the spirits within before he returned. After Edward's sacrifice, Winry fitted Wrath with automail similar to Ed's and his current whereabouts are unknown, though he did resurface to visit his creator's tomb, a shell of his former self. Wrath eventually redeems himself by sacrificing himself so Al is able to perform a transmutation to open the Gate. His tattoo was on the sole of his right foot.

In the manga version, Wrath is King Bradley who revealed himself when he was fighting Greed. He was the Homunculus that attempted to track down Lan Fan, Ling Yao's servant, but she cut off her own arm in order to trick him. See the Pride entry for more on Bradley.

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